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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions require a little more sophistication that the average residential real estate matter. The distinction between the two is often based on the nature of the financial activity taking place on the site or location, such as retail or office outlets, apartment complexes, industrial or mixed uses or a combination of all of these. Commercial real estate is a general term that may include a number of areas pertaining to land use or restrictions governed by state and federal law. An example of the various areas impacted are environmental, commerce, zoning, housing and mortgages, all of which are govern and regulated by state law. No client is expected to know the various areas that may impact its desire to enter into a commercial real estate transaction. We highly recommend that the best place to start is with an experienced commercial real estate lawyer who has a working knowledge of governmental regulations, real estate encumbrances and allowable use of such encumbrances, knowledge of commercial leases and the ability to draft them, and finally, financing of commercial projects.

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