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February 2009 Tip

How will the proposed stimulus coming out of congress change my life for the better? This is the question on most tax payers' minds today. No one seems to have all the answers, however conventional wisdom leads us to believe that spending, whether governmental or individual will give a boost to the economy and thereby help us all collectively. There are a few things to think about as we paddle our way through this economic crisis. In addition to the issues of job losses and foreclosure prevention we must creatively deal with the concept of home maintenance.

While the cash needed to maintain the home in most cases is being diverted elsewhere, some of us are already thinking about ways we can do more ourselves while spending less to maintain the home. A simple example is utilize your teenage sons and daughters to do some of the work outside of the house and cut out the lawn care service, which can cost several hundred dollars monthly if the lawn is being cut weekly. Here's where you can help provide some of the answers about how the stimulus will help contribute to the much needed spending.

Here's the Tip:

When you receive your stimulus check use it to go down to your local retailer and purchase the lawn mower, leaf blower or hedger. These are some of the essential tools your lawn care service uses to have your lawn looking terrific every week. Most of us used to do our own lawns before we could afford to pay someone to do it. Now that we are all experiencing the financial squeeze, this is the time to go back to our roots and in the process teach our children the basics on home maintenance. If you don't have any children, then this is a good way to save some money and get some exercise at the same time.

Additional Tip: Reducing the watering of your lawn cuts down on the frequency of mowing or the length of time spent mowing because of less growth, while helping the environment.

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